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Find practical information below for osteopathic medical students, advisors and faculty and GME directors and residents. 
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For graduating DO students, this section has everything you need to help you find residencies, nail your interviews and successfully navigate the Match process.

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Transition to Residency

For DO students. Prepare for the Residency Match, find residencies, navigate the application process and more!

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Assembly of Osteopathic Graduate Medical Educators


澳门女人味's Assembly of Osteopathic Graduate Medical Educators is a professional group that consists of individuals in osteopathic graduate medical education.

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Professional Development

Resources to help graduate medical educators and DO residents align with the osteopathic philosophy and practical application. 

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Graduate Level Osteopathic Training

Achieving Osteopathic Recognition formally acknowledges that your training program is committed and able to teach osteopathic principles and practices.  

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The UME GME Task Force reports to 澳门女人味's Board of Deans. It has 3 focus areas, 4 action groups and two subgroups.

澳门女人味 UME-GME Task Force

This task force is focused on the transition from undergraduate to graduate medical education, improving graduate level osteopathic medical education and strengthening the osteopathic model of medical education. 

About the Task Force

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UME-GME Digital Resource Library

This digital library contains resources on osteopathic training, Osteopathic Recognition, accreditation, evaluations, technology tools and more.

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