NAOME Application Process

About NAOME Fellowship

Fellowship is earned (and can be renewed) for five-year intervals during which Fellows are asked to mentor and support academic excellence and scholarship in the osteopathic medical education profession.

New applications are assessed once a year after the announced deadline. Each candidate's mini-portfolio, including CV and in the required format, should be submitted electronically on the nomination form on or before the deadline of each year. Fellows are inducted into the National Academy of Osteopathic Medical Educators at Educating Leaders, the 澳门女人味 Annual Conference, each Spring.

Application Process

Because the review process focuses on applicants’ educational contributions and achievements within a professional context, there are several documents to verify and consider.   You are encouraged to work with a NAOME Fellow mentor early in the process of developing your mini-portfolio. 

Before beginning 

  1. Determine what Scholarship Category best fits your experience
  2. Download and print the Reference Check (MS Word) and obtain signature from your department chair, dean, or other appropriate official
  3. Decide if you will  to help with your mini-portfolio

After the above

  1. Prepare mini-portfolio that presents evidence of scholarship and is constructed following the guidelines and using the template provided in Portfolio Preparation (e.g. not to exceed 25 pages)
  2. Update CV
  3. (reference form, mini-portfolio and CV).

Note: When you submit your mini-portfolio, you will be asked to attest to the following:

Have you had any disciplinary or adverse action imposed against any professional license or by an institutional governing board, or were you denied professional license, or have you entered into any consent agreement, stipulated order or settlement with any regulatory board; OR have you been notified of any complaints or investigations against your license that have not yet been resolved and/or have you been notified of any institutional disciplinary actions that have not yet been resolved?

Reapplication Form

Use the  for either of the following:

  • A current NAOME Fellow applying for an additional term
  • A current NAOME Fellow applying for Advisory status

Application Review

All applications will be reviewed by a Review Panel in a manner similar to an NIH grant-review study section (see Selection Process). Individuals meeting or exceeding the criteria will be accepted as Fellows in the Academy.