Fall - A Great Season for Espadrilles

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Timeless Spanish Espadrilles are a 'Must' this Fall for any Casual Style

"Ok - Labor Day has come and gone", you think "my espadrilles are a thing of this summer past. Time to get out my winter boots, dress in black and gray - and be depressed until next May ! "

Relax ! 😎

Unless you live in Siberia, Greenland or North Korea, fall is really just an extension of summer - with milder temperatures, less heat and humidity, and less crowds in your favorite places.

In fact, in most parts of the country fall is an awesome season to spend time outdoors and wear you favorite casual outfits.

And, of course, with espadrilles from PARGAS MIAMI , as they are the perfect compliment to your casual appearance.

Only difference to summer is that - this time of year - you may perhaps add a light overcoat or sweater to those slim jeans that you wear with your black espadrilles.

The perfect casual outfit to spend a relaxed long week end in the Hamptons, looking fabulous ....

... or enjoying the amazing fall weather in Palm Springs, for a few days, where...

... your black chinos and bordeaux colored espadrilles will make for the perfect casual look.

Classic white Espadrilles sandals from PARGAS MIAMI will make for a stylish addition to any of those casual fall outfits....

... you plan on bringing along for that perfect fall weekend in Sonoma.

Fall is absolutely the best time to visit the California wine country.

Check out local wineries for some tastings in comfort and style - looking and feeling relaxed and beautiful in these timeless espadrilles that go nicely with your blue jeans.

Chardonnay or Cabernet anyone ?

Then maybe enjoy some amazing French flavored food at Walter Hansel Wine Bistro in Santa Rosa that serves up everything from escargots, chicken cordon Bleu and ratatouille to raw oysters. Of course, here you will also find some of the most fabulous California wines on the menu.

Late fall will also be the perfect time to visit Miami. The summer heat and humidity will have given way to milder temperatures, so you will fully enjoy and appreciate the outdoors lifestyle of this vibrant city.

But that cuban ceviche you find in the restaurant of your choice is still to die for...