Casual Style - Ideas for a perfect Espadrilles Look

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Spanish Espadrilles and great tips for that perfectly timeless casual style

There are, of course, endless combinations of casual clothes that will look fabulous with espadrilles on both women and men.

This is what really makes these types of original Spanish shoes so versatile.

Espadrilles are of of the undisputed "must have" staples for any casual, classy and timeless style -they will help you to 'dress and impress'.

In this post we will discuss a few of these options, and hope you can pick up a few inspirations.

Of course, you should always follow your own personal style and taste preferences.

Colored espadrilles Classic flat sandals for women will always be a great way to accentuate any simple Black and White Combination.

This style was a signature of the ever stylish Grace Kelly - back in the 1950s, as seen here, sporting a pair of red espadrilles with classic black pants and a white hoodie.

Effortless and timeless perfection !

Of course this black/white outfit combo could very well also be accentuated with other natural colors availabe in the PARGAS

MIAMI espadrilles collection...

...such as maybe a classic yellow or baby blue.....

... or even our classic black espadrilles for women . Just chose a top that is white or maybe a light creme color or a striped blue and white shirt. You will look gorgeous in this outfit style.

A perfect way to complement black pants for men would be a pair of bordeaux colored mens espadrilles from PARGAS MIAMI. Throw those on with a plain white T shirt , roll up the bottom of the jeans , and you're good to go in style for almost any casual occasion.

Any other espadrilles color will work just as well.

Of cpourse, there are many jeans combinations that will go perfectly well with espadrilles.

For ladies, classic white espadrilles sandals with a pair of denim jeans will provide a timeless and super casual look.

Complete it with a black or white blouse or a colourful Tee shirt, and a cool pair of sunglasses for that perfect summer look.

A pair of black espadrilles sandals will also go great with a white denim mini-skirt, if you have the right pair of long and tanned legs to go with it 😎.

Wear a colorful blouse or a black Tee shirt under a light blue denim jacket with that combo.

Don't forget, of course trying a denim skirt or dress with a chic hand bag and black or navy blue espadrilles wedges. We promise you, this combination will turn a few heads when you go shopping on Madison Avenue or in Milan.

Guys, of course, will also always look great in any casual denim style, sporting Spanish espadrilles.

The combinations are truly endless.

Why not go for an extra casual, cool and laid-back look with a washed denim shirt, blue jeans and black espadrilles.

Welcome to L.A.

For even more color accentuation, you may try that stylish combo with a pair of multicolored - striped espadrilles from our collection. Very handsome - and very Mediterranian.

A white Tee Shirt with denim jeans will always work when you want to convey that timeless and unforgettable "bad boy" look of actor James Dean or rock idol Bryan Adams .

Off -white espadrilles for men from PARGAS MIAMI will look amazing with those ripped skinny jeans and a white crew Tee shirt.

Alternatively, you may go for a slightly more 'dressed casual' style with a white cotton summer shirt ( rolled up sleeves of course), slim fit jeans, and a pair of navy blue espadrilles. Wear this with the obligatory shades, a descent tan and a 48-hour stubble, and you'll be turning heads everywhere - not only at the airport when you are checking in for a long weekend flying to Miami's South Beach.

Ladies will never fail to look amazing in the right combination of a bright and flowery summer dress and espadrilles from PARGAS MIAMI.

We love this combination of red espadrilles sandals with the beautiful pattern of green and white shown here.

Or just consider wearing a blue, green and orange based flower pattern blouse over some ultra short black shorts - along with a chic hand bag and timeless espadrilles for ladies wedges in off-white, all of the above , of course, accentuated by your long and flawless legs.

You don't need to wait for next summer - you just know this look will definitely "kill" during those few weeks you'll spent in Miami next winter, or for your long weekend in Palm Springs this fall.

Finally, never underestimate the attraction of a striped shirt or top with jeans and espadrilles.

Claudia Schiffer sported that look perfectly in this 1994 combo of a black/white striped oversized top whith black chinos and matching dark colored espadrilles.

A timeless "Yacht look" that will work anywhere from St. Tropez to the Sandy

Lane Hotel in Barbados this winter.

That style works equally well for men.

Wear that striped summer shirt buttoned open, and over your blue jeans ,along with your men's black colored espadrilles from PARGAS MIAMI, and you will be the center of attention - whether you go shopping in old town Palma, Mallorca, or meeting friends for a wine tasting dinner at the Bardessono Hotel in Sonoma this fall.

Last , but not least let us not forget the timeless look of a dark polo shirt with white, grey or cream colored pants and dark espadrilles (navy blue or black). It does not get more casual chic and preppy like that.

Heck , you'll probably get admitted to Oxford in that outfit.....😎

As always, best wishes from your PARGAS Miami editorial team, and maybe you can follow us on Instagram .

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