Looking great in Espadrilles for Men

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Ideas for casual Style with Spanish espadrilles

So, by now you appreciate that these Spanish espadrilles from PARGAS MIAMI are very coool and a great alternative to sneakers or loafers for casual style and comfort.

Hand-made in Spain, these canvas shos - centuries ago worn by peasents in the Spanish Pyrenees - have quickly become a popular mainstay in the wardrobe of any discerning gentleman and hipster alike.

You have also learned that espadrilles have an amazing history that makes them a timeless shoe to wear. Some of the coolest cats in style history from uber-excentric painter Salvador Dali, to JFK, to John Wayne and heartthrob actors like Gary Cooper or Alain Delon - they all loved these comfortable casual shoes, and wore them for that extra relaxed and effortless style.

So far so good.

But how to you wear these babies with the rest of your casual wear?

What might surprise you, guys, are the diverse ways in which they can accessorize your stylish casual outfits.

Historically the underdog of the shoe world, espadrilles have since long surpassed their humble origins, and now take you well beyond the sun deck.

Espadrilles and a Suit

Just for fun,we are starting off with the most unlikely combination. You think wearing espadrilles with a suit is just crazy, right?

Well, yes - maybe, but take a look for yourself.

Source : https://www.dmarge.com/how-to-wear-espadrilles

Of course, this look is not for super - formal business occassions, but you will turn heads with it at any summer cocktail party or dinners at a chic restaurant in downtown Manhattan or at your favorite bistro in Santa Monica.

Combining them with a suit will work best with some of our neutral colors, like white, offwhite or black. Pale hues will lend themselves to a cool and relaxed vibe and are more likely to work with espadrilles.

By contrasting your light summer suit with your espadrilles you can also show a touch of personal flare. An olive linen suit with off -white espadrilles from PARGAS MIAMI will always be a timeless winner.

Espadrilles With Jeans

Source : https://www.dmarge.com/how-to-wear-espadrilles

Nothing says cool, timeless and relaxed more than a slim fit pair of jeans with a striped espadrille. Roll up the cuff, wear a white tee shirt, and this will take you from the boat to brunch, to a sunset dinner at Geoffrey's in Malibu.

The jeans/espadrille combo is a terrific opportunity for you to get creative with colors and patterns. Traditional espadrilles from Spain like PARGAS MIAMI offer a range of designs , while denim offers a great base to experiment with. You can simply NEVER go wrong with this combination.

Espadrilles With Chinos

Source : https://www.dmarge.com/how-to-wear-espadrilles

The Espadrilles/Chinos combo is perhaps the ultimate match for your casual summer look. You cannot get any more "Summer in the Hamptons" than this.

Like with suiting, the chinos you choose should be a lighter variety – like a cool cotton blend.

Also, perhaps best to stay away from very fitted styles, as this can look out of place with such relaxed footwear.

Think "timeless" and "preppy" and don't always get suckered into the latest fashion fad.

Let the timelessness and classy style of your espadrilles guide you!

You won't ever go wrong with this formula.

PARGAS MIAMI light blue or Navy blue espadrilles will be the ideal companion to a light /neutral colored pair of men's chinos.

Espadrilles With Shorts

Source : https://www.dmarge.com/how-to-wear-espadrilles

The mother of all classic summer looks for men!

The espadrilles/ shorts combo is"timeless" like nothing else.

You could throw this in your suitcase for a weekend in Palm Beach or Martha's Vineyard and probably need nothing else than a tooth brush, a linen shirt and some underwear ( well, maybe you also bring your wallet).

This amazing look will take you back to the effortless style of a Gary Cooper - and you will never go wrong in combining a great pair of summer shorts, a quality linen shirt and a pair of PARGAS MIAMI espadrilles.

So here you are.

We at PARGAS MIAMI are just some humble purveyors of casual espadrilles shoes from Spain.

But we know a thing or two about dressing smartly , with a timeless style that will never let you down.

Best wishes from your PARGAS Miami editorial team, and maybe you follow us on Instagram .

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