Men's Espadrilles –Perfect Style and Comfort

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

How to dress stylish for the perfect casual espadrille look

Are you tired of that modern, yet boring sneaker look? Are you looking for a casual and comfortable, yet truly classy and natural alternative?

Then perhaps you are ready for a few pairs of those comfortable and fashionable mens’ espadrilles.

PARGAS Miami espadrilles for men are an original product – handmade and designed in Spain, where this type of comfortable and stylish footwear has been worn by men for centuries.

Espadrilles have been for long a part of casual mens’ fashion in Southern Europe, especially in Spain, and around the Mediterranean.

Famous Spanish artist Salvador Dali used to wear these shoes in his atelier when creating his priceless surreal paintings.

JFK wore them on summer sailing trips in Mallorca, Spain and back in his home in Hyannis Port, Nantucket.

The classic Spanish Espadrille design and look is as timeless and contemporary cool as it is fabulous at the same time.

Now more than ever before, men in ths country are embracing this trend of comfortable, ultra-fashionable, yet classy European footwear.

Espadrilles - Easy on your Eyes - Easy on your Feet - Easy on your Wallet

These casual shoes are perfect to wear with jeans, chinos or summer shorts.

They are perfect for the beach, the pool, for brunch at your favorite restaurant, a cocktail party, and just about everywhere else around town.

You'll be surprised how many people will turn their heads and ask you : " Where did you get these?"

PARGAS Miami Spanish espadrilles for men stand for hand-made quality European craftsmanship. Unlike some competitor brands that manufacture cheap espadrille imitations in Chinese sweatshops, our shoes are hand-crafted by artisans in Spain, made of breathable natural canvas fabric in beautiful natural colors on top of a braided jute base, supported by a solid rubber sole.

Espadrilles for men will always look stylish in almost any environment and occasion. They carry that cool, relaxed and laid back sophisticated European look while being super lightweight and easy fitting.

What's best - they cost a fraction of your average sports sneaker, and look like a million bucks !

Classy Casual Style

More men are looking to ditch that boring old socks'n sneaker style, and look for a classy and timeless elegant alternative.

Spanish Espadrilles go perfectly well with summer shorts or your favorite pair of jeans or stylish linen pants.

PARGAS Miami espadrilles for men come in a range of beautiful natural colors, that will perfectly accentuate the rest of your casual outfit. Always wear them without socks for that cool and perfectly stylish look.

Espadrilles embellish that stylish 'retro look' found in the video of Don Henley's song 'Boys of Summer', or the imagined casual decadence of endless summers spent at the pool of the Long Island estate of the 'Great Gatsby'.

European Style for all Places and Seasons

PARGAS Miami Spanish espadrilles for men represent a unique fusion of timeless and classy European style with the vibrant tropical and colorful lifestyle of Miami. You will wear them with confidence for dinners in South Beach or Beverly Hills, a cocktail reception in the Hamptons, biking around Martha’s Vinyard, or shopping in Laguna Beach or Malibu.

Our men’s espadrilles are lightweight and easy to pack, therefore a must for any leisure travel, whether is a long weekend trip to the Florida Keys or the beaches of the Texas Golf coast, your summer vacations in Santorini, Greece or the Algarve Coast, Portugal, not to mention your winter holidays at St. Barths' Christopher Hotel.

PARGAS Miami men’s espadrilles are not only ideal for the summer months. You will also love to wear them during the winter season around your house, apartment, office, airplane trip or hotel, with timeless style and complete comfort for your feet.

Wearing PARGAS Miami Spanish espadrilles will remind you all year round that “Summer is just a State of Mind.”

So maybe it’s just time you stepped into your espadrille comfort zone. Chances are, you won’t be disappointed.

Best wishes from your PARGAS Miami editorial team, and maybe you follow us on Instagram .

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